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Gabriella Cilmi has been a student of Cosimo Ciccone's for a number of years and we are thrilled and excited to see her rising to the top of the world charts. Gabriella has come in leaps and bounds since she began working with Cosimo at the age of 12.

“Cosimo’s teaching has helped me no end. I am able to sing in the studio for hours without my voice hurting or giving up. His technique has increased my range and allowed me to experiment and try new things. Since attending the Ciccone Academy I honestly would not recommend any other technique. COSIMO ROCKS!”

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Gabriella Cilmi

“Cosimo Ciccone has changed the way I sing. Not only have I improved the tone of my voice but the range and consistency has improved greatly. As a signed artist preparing for a major international release, the Cosimo’s Combined Technique has been vital in allowing me to record for hours without damaging my voice. Cosimo Ciccone is an incredible and highly experienced teacher whose expertise is second to none.”

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Thanh Bui

“I could never understand why I couldn’t improve my singing in terms of its range, colour of voice and its tone. I spent many years struggling to reach my goals until I found Cosimo Ciccone and the miracle working ‘Combined Technique’.

I noticed results immediately and suddenly my true voice was developed because of the specific and correct method that the Combined Technique uses. There is no straining, no belting and no tension in the throat, just a free and relaxing feeling whilst singing. The fantastic thing about Cosimo Ciccone and the Combine Technique is that the impossible is now possible.”

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Nilusha Dassenaike

“I have been training with Cosimo Ciccone for the last 10 years because he is by far the best in the business! Throughout my Musical Theatre training at University, I met with various vocal coaches, however Cosimo's Combined Technique gave me immediate results that allowed me to extend my range without straining or tension. 

Cosimo is an incredible singing teacher whose training and influence has been pivotal to my career in singing.”

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Jordyn Bartolo

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