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Vocal Coaching Ballarat

Cosimo Ciccone is an internationally acclaimed vocal coach that gets quick results in all genres of singing.

Cosimo Ciccone offers unique high-quality vocal classes for people of all ages and capabilities. If you're an aspiring singer looking to learn to have fun or seeking to prepare to be a professional singer, Cosimo has you covered.


Cosimo  is among the most sought-after singing teacher in Ballarat. You'll love learning with him.  He is consistently receiving excellent feedback and is genuinely committed towards his students. His results have been proven to be quick and speak for themselves.

Cosimo Ciccone's methods have helped students expand their range as well as strengthen their voice. His results have allowed students to sing for hours without straining or hurting their voice. This is one of his specialties.

Cosimo isn't afraid of trying new things and always encourages his students to explore new ideas.  This has helped the students in their development and has helped them improve their singing performances dramatically.

Cosimo has assisted many students who have struggled for a long time with their voice to improve in a short amount of time practicing his unique methods.

Cosmo's unique techniques has enabled many students to achieve immediate results, allowing them to expand their range without any tension.

Students Are Taught All Genres of Singing Including Pop, Rock, Jazz, and Opera

Our students have performed, toured in Australia, overseas and have been signed to major labels, Opera Australia, Australian Idol finalists,  and 'The Singing B' finalists.

Cosmo Ciccone is the singing teacher of some of Australia’s biggest talent to have gone international like ‘Top 8 Australian Idol’ contestant Thanh Bui and Six-Time ARIA Music Awards Winner and Best Female Artist Gabriella Cilmi.

As an experienced Voice Instructor and performer, Cosmo has experience coaching individuals across a wide range of genres and styles, including soul, blues, pop, rock, jazz, opera.  

Cosmo has been very successful helping students with vocal rehabilitation by providing them with exercises to help with limited vocal range post-surgery, damaged vocal chords, nodules, etc to return normal vocal ability and full range.

Whether you desire to have a professional career in singing or just want to nurture a passionate hobby, he is here to guide you.  Call Ciccone today to book your first lesson.


Gabriella Cilmi has been a student of Cosimo Ciccone's for a number of years and we are thrilled and excited to see her rising to the top of the world charts. Gabriella has come in leaps and bounds since she began working with Cosimo at the age of 12.

“Cosimo’s teaching has helped me no end. I am able to sing in the studio for hours without my voice hurting or giving up. His technique has increased my range and allowed me to experiment and try new things. Since attending the Ciccone Academy I honestly would not recommend any other technique. COSIMO ROCKS!”

Click here to see her on YouTube

Gabriella Cilmi

Private Singing Classes Lessons Ballarat


Developing a strong voice is essential and we ensure that our students' voices are well connected from ‘chest to head’ without it sounding forced. We also don't just teach how to sing - we also encourage our students to incorporate emotion into their performances.

Our lessons are tailored to suite your needs and skill level.  All levels are catored for form beginner to advanced.

All vocalist styles

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